What is community solar?

 Solar panels don’t need to be installed on your property.

 Keep the same electric utility provider.

Guaranteed monthly savings.

 No fees to join!


  Save Money  

Community solar is a state-sponsored program that provides you with guaranteed savings. Connect to a community solar farm in your area and you will not have to spend any money on installing panels on your property.


Go Green

Switch to clean energy to make a positive impact on the environment. Local community solar farms receive energy from the sun, and it is converted into electricity, which then flows through your normal utility and into your home.  


Use Local Energy

Solar farms are active in communities across the country. Solar panels are ready and waiting for you. Reserve a spot in a community solar project right in your backyard. Your energy will be generated locally. Solar farms bring more green jobs into your community. 


Be In Control

You can make an educated decision about your energy provider with the information we provide to you. When you’re ready to join a community solar project, simply contact DMS Energy. Get started today!

How it works

1. Find a local solar project

Enter your zip code to find a clean energy project in your area.

2. Connect your utility

Sign up for a clean energy project local to you by providing your utility account information.

3. Register for auto-pay

Connect your information to your new energy program. Then, you will begin to receive clean energy credits which lowers your monthly bill. Your connection to the grid will be exactly the same. 

4. Let the savings roll in

Receive a statement of savings each month instead of a bill and see exactly how much you save. You are guaranteed to save at least 10% and homeowners with lower incomes may qualify for even larger savings. DMS Energy monitors your account to ensure that you receive the right amount of solar energy every month. You can relax knowing that you save money each month and enjoy your positive impact on the environment.